Greenpoint mainstay Pizza Prince (86 Nassau Ave.) has closed its doors. Pizza Prince was a casual and cozy counter-serve pizzeria that sold affordable pies, slices, salads, and a few other snacks like mozzarella sticks. The small storefront on Nassau Avenue had a small selection of seating in a warm atmosphere. 

The current interior of the storefront at 86 Nassau Ave., the former home of Pizza Prince. Photo: Julia Moak

Jack Khaski, a commercial realtor from KSR, confirmed that Pizza Prince is officially closed. Khaski told Greenpointers that there is no new tenant interested in 86 Nassau Ave. at this time and the 500-square-foot space is available to lease, adding that the rent is $15,000 a month. 

The shuttered storefront of 86 Nassau Ave. Photo: Julia Moak

Pizza Prince was around the corner from Upside Pizza (640 Manhattan Ave.), which opened on Manhattan Avenue less than a block from Nassau Avenue in 2022. Upside is a small chain of 90’s-inspired pizzerias with three other locations, all located in Manhattan.

A view of Pizza Prince’s storefront when it was open. Photo: Apple Maps

The response from the neighborhood has been mixed, but most locals seem disappointed that Pizza Prince has closed. The North Brooklyn Civid Crowdsource Facebook group was vocal about the closure. Two different locals posted a photo of the shuttered storefront, and comments flooded in. Some residents sadly bid farewell to Pizza Prince’s affordable slices, while only a few others had negative comments.

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  1. Most pizza places charge the same price these days – what really keeps someone in business is quality and/or ambience. This place had a dated feel without any nostalgic charm. Can’t attest to the quality of the pizza but I avoided it due to the look and feel of the space.

    1. Sorry. Real New Yorkers know that some of the best places to eat may not look like much. Those proprietors concentrate on food and value instead of trends. Y’all should get on board before all of what makes NY great and unique falls by the wayside.

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