Greenpoint’s got a new 90’s-inspired pizza place that is definitely “da bomb.”

Upside Pizza (640 Manhattan Ave.) opened almost two weeks ago, providing the neighborhood’s line up of already fantastic pizza options with some delicious competition. 

Although Upside’s Greenpoint location is currently in the soft opening phase, the “reception has been very positive,” said Upside’s founder Noam Grossman. Grossman is excited to be part of the Greenpoint community and says he is “looking forward to meeting everyone.”

Giancarlo Villa and other pizza makers behind the counter at Upside’s Greenpoint location.

Upside considers their slices to be part of an “elevated” pizza experience where everything is made from scratch and baked onsite. Upside does not use commercial yeast, and instead, the pizzas are made with high-quality sourdough. Pizzamaker Giancarlo Villa explained that the sausage on all of the pies and slices is homemade, and the mozzarella is made in house as well. 

A Falcowitz pie at Upside.

Classic cheese and pepperoni are on Upside’s menu alongside more inventive options, such as the Spicy Vodka with a slight kick; the Mushroom, White Wine Lemon Cream; and the Sausage and Pickled Peppers. Villa said the Spicy Vodka and the Mushroom, White Wine Lemon Cream (or WWLC for short) are the most popular slices.


Sicilian slices and pies will also be available soon, probably this week. “We’re waiting on special pans,” said Villa. 

A vodka slice at Upside.

Upside will also sell ice cream. Soft Side, the soft-serve ice cream component, is not ready yet, but Grossman, hopes to shell out scoops to the neighborhood starting in June. Flavors will include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and pistachio. Soft Side will also serve sundaes and milkshakes with a range of topping combinations. 

Upside’s Greenpoint location will boast a full bar. The license has already been approved, and the restaurant is currently completing construction of the back area that includes the bar and additional seating. The front section is fully open and available for dining in a breezy environment surrounded by open windows looking out onto Manhattan Avenue. 

Upside’s front seating area on the right and the upcoming Soft Side on the left.

Grossman thinks “the neighborhood has been waiting for a late night pizza spot” and Upside is ready to be that solution. Upside opens at 11 a.m. everyday and closes at 10 p.m. Sunday to Wednesday, 11 p.m. on Thursday, and midnight on Friday and Saturday. Eventually the pizza joint will serve until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. “It’s a store that gets busier after 4 p.m.,” explained Grossman, “so I want to grow the lunch business, too.”

Grossman expects delivery to start in the next two weeks. There is no phone right now, so all orders will be done through the website and other delivery apps.

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