Every Sunday at Pencil Factory (142 Franklin St.), Kenneth Eweka Jr., known as Kenny, cooks up a menu filled with the suya spice of his childhood. This weekly pop-up is called Bon Appetitè by Kenny.

Suya is a peanut-based spice that is primarily used on grilled meat. “You can only get the spice imported from Nigeria,” Kenny told Greenpointers

“I remember the first time I had suya. I could not stop eating it. I was infatuated with the smell and taste…the freshness of its unique taste is only found in Africa,” the chef passionately explained. “It has always been my go-to comfort food.”

Kenneth Eweka, known as Kenny, with customers at his Pencil Factory pop-up, Bon Appetitè by Kenny last summer. Photo: @als_schotz

Kenny has been cooking since he was 8-years-old. “I have always had a passion for cooking with great flavors. I see it as an art and science, to take care of people’s taste buds.” 

Before starting Bon Appetitè by Kenny, the chef cooked for friends and family who raved about his food. So, Kenny was curious to see how strangers would react, and he started the pop-up in July 2023.

Kenneth Eweka, known as Kenny, sprinkling suya spice on a hot dog at his Pencil Factory pop-up, Bon Appetitè by Kenny. Photo: @als_schotz

Bon Appetitè by Kenny offers two seasonal menus. The spring and summer menu includes skirt steak, ribeye, chicken breast, hot dogs, hot sausages and cheeseburgers. Kenny usually cooks everything from this menu on a grill outside during these warmer months.

The fall and winter menu, cooked inside Pencil Factory, features jollof rice, stew with white rice, ribeye, skirt steak, chicken thighs, salmon, and fried plantains. Every item on both menus is made with suya, but Kenny offers the option to have the spice on the side if preferred. 

Grilling at the Pencil Factory pop-up, Bon Appetitè by Kenny last summer. Photo: @iam_goldeneyes

Kenny started this journey working as security for Pencil Factory. While doing so, he noticed a lack of African cuisine in the neighborhood, which he was missing. 

“I am grateful for their trust and belief they have in me to continue growing revenue and building the community,” Kenny said of Pencil Factory.

Bon Appetitè by Kenny pops up at Pencil Factory every Sunday 1 p.m. – 10 p.m.

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