Mya & Brooklyn (46 Roebling St.) is a coffee shop and bakery that recently opened in Williamsburg with locally-made coffee and vegan and gluten-free treats baked onsite. 

The shop’s owner, Damla Özgü Yildiz, told Greenpointers that the shop was named after an inside joke she and her family share, calling the name “a funny misunderstanding.” 

Yildiz ran ran a coffee shop in Turkey for a few years before deciding to open one here in North Brooklyn. “I was baking at night at home and then selling the items in the coffee shop in the morning,” she said of her time in Turkey. “Our tartines and sauces became famous,” adding that her customers liked the fact that she made all items herself and that they were always very fresh.

The same may popularity may prove true for Yildiz’s newest shop as online reviews are very postitive, calling the charming shop a “hidden gem.”

Mya & Brooklyn’s popular blueberry bread with a latte made from Variety espresso. Photo: Mya & Brooklyn

Mya & Brooklyn’s beverage menu offers coffee and espresso from local brand Variety, Turkish coffee, homemade lemonade, matcha and chai. 


The food menu features vegan and gluten-free baked goods, like raw vegan brownies and gluten-free carrot cake, plus more traditional treats and breads like peanut butter cookies and banana bread.

Mya & Brooklyn’s peanut butter cookies. Photo: Mya & Brooklyn

Yildiz said that some of the most popular bakery items are the raw vegan brownie, the gluten-free carrot cake, and the blueberry bread. 

“We have also tartines and sandwiches which are slightly different from the usual ones,” Yildiz explained.

One example is Mya & Brooklyn’s beetroot tartine with a homemade beetroot and green sauces. There is also a Turkish toast sandwich that contains Turkish sujuk, which is sausage, and a Mediterranean tartine with feta, avocado and egg.

Mya & Brooklyn’s Mediterranean tartine. Photo: Mya & Brooklyn

“We have a kitchen in the shop and bake in there,” Yildiz told Greenpointers, adding that this allows her to offer specials like Turkish revani, which is a semolina cake, or Turkish semolina cookies once a week. 

Mya & Brooklyn is open daily from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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