The Noble (148 Noble St.), a cozy new wine bar and restaurant in Greenpoint, opens Friday, November 17.

Itir Aloba and Rick Curi are co-owners of The Noble, which is their second restaurant in Brooklyn. The husband and wife team have been operating a Mexican spot in Dumbo for the past ten years.

A cozy corner table at The Noble. Photo: Liz Clayman

“The Noble really started with Greenpoint,” Aloba said. “We were looking for a space in the area and saw the potential for a charming corner establishment at 148 Noble.”

The space’s transformation took over four years, but the team finally feels like they have achieved the desired atmosphere. “After a long journey of bringing our space back to its old beautiful self, we are finally opening,” the team told Greenpointers.

The interior of The Noble. Photo: Liz Clayman

Aloba describes their new venture as “a wine bar style restaurant.” She told Greenpointers, “It’s meant to be exciting for wine lovers, and we see it as a neighborhood spot.” 


The Noble’s menu is inspired by flavors of the Aegean region, where Aloba grew up, with nods to both Greek and Turkish specialties. “We aim to bring the spirit and flavors of that region to Brooklyn using high-quality ingredients,” Aloba said.

A selection of Aegean specialties from The Noble. Photo: Liz Clayman

The Noble’s food menu features items like chilled shrimp with lemon crushed fava beans, zucchini fritters, and grilled octopus. The menu also includes sujuk toast, which is a popular Turkish fast food sandwich made with sausage and cheese. 

For dessert, there is mastic pudding, another popular Turkish food made with a gummy tree sap substance from the bark of mastic trees. 

The Noble’s wine list holds labels from both the Aegean region and other locations and is mostly focused on low-intervention natural wine.

A flight of wine at The Noble. Photo: Liz Clayman

Aloba called The Noble is a “very personal project,” and said the team’s goal was to create a space where they “would be comfortable meeting friends for wine and bites in an inviting atmosphere.”

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  1. I grew up in greenpoint& still visit so do my brothers it’s amazing how area has changed for the better look forward to visiting this restaurant when I’m in town again my nephew moved from Denver & is I Greenpoint all the time to try different eateries

  2. The Sea Bass Crudo and the Kofta were my favorites! Excellent service and atmosphere. A low-key gem, and a fine addition to our beloved Greenpoint.

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