During a recent Brooklyn Community Board 1 meeting, Greenpointers discovered that the neighborhood will soon be home to another chain restaurant. 

Chipotle Mexican Grill, the large chain of fast-casual Mexican restaurants based in Colorado, applied for a license to sell wine, beer, and cider. 

Chipotle’s store number 4927 will be located at 885 Manhattan Avenue. The new Chipotle restaurant joins North Brooklyn’s only other Chipotle located at 130 North 4th Street in Williamsburg.

One of Chipotle’s popular bowls with hot sauce. Photo: Chipotle’s Instagram

It is still unclear when the new Chipotle restaurant will open in Greenpoint, and the chain has not responded to Greenpointers‘ requests for comments.

The storefront at 885 Manhattan Ave. has been vacant for a while. It is positioned near Greenpoint’s other fast food chains, Popeye’s and McDonald’s.

One of Chipotle’s memes on Instagram.

Chipotle is a very popular chain known for burritos, bowls, and other fast-casual Mexican fare put together in front of customers from an extensive selection of fresh ingredients.

The brand also boasts a strong social media following, often posting humorous memes, photos, and comments.

In June, Time Magazine named Chipotle one of 2023’s most influential companies, noting that the brand successfully “captured the attention of Gen Z, becoming a top food brand on TikTok with 2.2 million followers, launching a popular Roblox experience, and generating its second highest sales day ever with a burrito giveaway on Twitter.”

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  1. Alllllright..was thinkin’ the other day Greenpoint could use a Chipotle..now if only a Domino’s could open..needs dat $7.99 large pie carry out deal

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