I’m just gonna say it — brands have entered their goofy era.

There was the Hermès fitness class, which incorporated the brand’s iconic scarves, KITH Treats selling celebrity-approved cereal concoctions and embossed waffle cones, and the UGG Feel House.

Now Chanel, who recently opened a beauty and fragrance store on North 6th Street, announced its new Lucky Chance Diner pop-up taking place at 225 Wythe Avenue, from September 8-10. Considering the brand used to be run by a famously fatphobic tyrant who once claimed that “no one wants to see curvy women,” the irony of Chanel appropriating diner culture looms heavy.

The diner at 225 Wythe Avenue, formerly home to Cafe de la Esquina. Image via Google.

The Cut shared more details earlier today: “When you arrive at the diner it appears to be a traditional diner experience — a host stand, dining booths, and countertop seatings, but once you enter the bubblegum-pink space, you’ll notice the menu isn’t full of food options — instead, it will be the start of your fragrance discovery experience. Your interactive booth time will be dedicated to finding the Chance fragrance that is perfect for you.”

A broad who can afford to drop beaucoup bucks on a quilted handbag need not be tempted by the opportunity to participate in a brand activation. She already has an outstanding appointment with her personal shopper at Bergdorf’s.


As for food, there won’t be any corned beef hash or pancakes to be had, but there will be some complimentary soft serve and beverages.

If you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, you can make a reservation here.

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  1. “I’m just gonna say it — brands have entered their goofy era.”

    It’s just marketing, and this publication is giving them free advertising. You fell for their trick.

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