NYC-based clothing and lifestyle brand Kith will open a new retail location later this week. The location will be housed at the 25 Kent office building, downstairs from the company’s headquarters. Kith HQ first made the move to Williamsburg in 2019, after signing on as the building’s anchor tenant.

Alongside a retail location, the brand will open a special Kith Treats, which is apparently a chain of…make-your-own-cereal-bowl bars…that apparently is also a part of their operations (forgive me, but I have limited knowledge of streetwear so I’m sorry if this is a known thing that we’ve all accepted by now). 

This location joins two other Kith Treats in the city and marks the brand’s exciting expansion into the new frontier of waffles. “Made-to-serve waffles are debossed with Kith logos and come topped with ice cream swirls,” said a press release. “Kith monogrammed waffle cones are made in-house, and are served with a chocolate and cereal coated rim.”

Monogrammed waffle cones, what will they think of next?

Anyways, it really feels like we’ve reached the event horizon of gimmicky Williamsburg retail stunts. H&M’s recently launched a 7,000 square foot pop-up, with themes rotating every few months. Glossier, arguably a leader in this type of experiential shopping, set up shop on North 6th Street last year as well. Even in 25 Kent, the UGG’s temporary Feel House store branded itself as not just a store, but rather, “a multi-sensory community space dedicated to making self-expression comfortable for all.”


Just here to buy some shoes, guys.

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