The interior of Greenpoint's Botbar. Photo: Botbar's Instagram

Greenpoint’s new futuristic coffeeshop, Botbar Coffee (666 Manhattan Ave.), is now open. The unique shop opened a few weeks ago in May to mixed feelings from the neighborhood.

As Greenpointers previously reported, Botbar is staffed by a two-armed robot barista named Adam. Adam is “trained to craft the perfect blend,” according to Botbar.

Botbar’s website says, “Join us on this journey as we bring the future to your neighborhood…Discover a world where robotics and coffee culture converge, and let us redefine your coffee experience. It’s time to taste the future.”

The future tastes decidedly like the present with a drink menu that includes traditional espresso beverages, cold brew, hot tea, orange juice, and water. The limited selection of food includes pastries and ice cream. Prices are relatively low for the neighborhood with nothing over $6. The lowest priced item is one scoop of ice cream for $2, and the highest priced is an iced latte for $6.

The robot barista named Adam, serving coffee and more at Botbar. Photo: Botbar’s Instagram

Owner Sunny Lam told Greenpointers that his aim with Botbar is not to take jobs away from human workers, but simply to bring something new and fun to the neighborhood. 


Lam also noted that Botbar’s staff does not consist of only the robot barista and does include humans. “Adam is one of helpers in supporting our beverage [program], and we have a few more people working at the store full-time,” Lam said. In fact, there has been a “help wanted” sign in the store window recently. 

Botbar hopes to be a chain of robot-staffed coffeeshops, with a second location opening soon in California. Lam told Greenpointers that he chose Greenpoint for his first Botbar location because “most of the people are well-educated professionals” who like to “have fun.”

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