The mass Memorial Day Weekend exodus that NYC has become synonymous with had no ill effects on the Open Air Fair! Last Saturday and Sunday, thousands of Greenpointers came through to enjoy the beautiful weather, swing dancing (including lessons from Brooklyn Swings, live music (from Evan Hamaguchi and Friends), soul food (particularly from Harlem Seafood Soul), and general easygoing energy. It was two days of vintage jazz age fun with elements of Harlem Renaissance roots.

The live jazz and inclusive dancing combined with traditional and creative Caribbean cooking all juxtaposed with waterfront views (though you’d never want to swim in it) was the perfect recipe for a long holiday weekend not spent braving the subway — or, worse, the Garden State Parkway — to get to the beach without sacrificing any vacation vibes.

And we’re doing it again this weekend, June 3 and 4, for a relaxing Wellness Weekend at the Greenpoint Waterfront at 2 Noble St from 11am to 6pm!

All weekend, there will be no shortage of activities to stay centered or keep you moving, from yoga to silent discoing.

On Saturday and Sunday, Reboot NYC will be leading inclusive, family-friendly community dance sessions. New Love City is hosting a family yoga class on Saturday and adult classes on both days — free for all, just bring your own mat and sign up here! Multiple meditation classes (and a meditation + pilates class) will follow for the afternoon, and kids can stay engaged with activities from the Greenpoint YMCA and other interactive games.


See below for complete schedule and sign up info

For a bit of wellness on the go, Pharm.NYC, a woman and veteran-owned CBD brand, will be on site with various best-selling goodies for relaxation and pain management. Other specialty vendors include Got Da Juice, a Black-owned superfood juice bar; Motto, sparkling tonic “soda” that’s actually good for you; Drugs for Plants organic fertilizer; and Skin Gems, a skincare brand on a mission to reduce plastic waste in personal care.

Skin Gems


We’re doing this every weekend until September 24th and are looking for the most talented makers, food purveyors, artists, and designers to join us! Just sign up here!

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