Jubilee Marketplace (145 West St.) opened its flagship grocery store in January on the corner of West and India Streets in Greenpoint. Over the past two months, the supermarket has thoughtfully finalized each of the store’s departments, and all are now fully open.

Greenpoint’s Jubilee Marketplace is impressive in many ways, but maybe most importantly because it puts an emphasis on local products. It’s also incredibly clean and organized, and filled with knowledgeable staff. 

The escalators heading down to Jubilee’s main grocery departments.

Rachel Luz, the Head of Marketing at Jubilee (and our tour guide alongside Senior Executive Assistant Yully Carbajal when Greenpointers visited), said that Jubilee works directly with local vendors instead of with large distribution companies, even though it can be more time-consuming and labor-intensive. For example, when working with a distributor, delivery is always available, which isn’t always the case with small local vendors.

But, for Luz and Jubilee, working directly with vendors is worth it because it allows them to curate the market exactly as they see fit, and when walking around the store, it’s evident that the selection is highly curated for the local community. 

When Greenpointers entered Jubilee’s new flagship, we first headed downstairs to the expansive main grocery area that encompasses several departments focused on local products. 

Jubilee’s seafood department from Greenpoint Fish and Lobster, with fishmonger Johnny behind the counter.

One highlight is the fresh seafood program from the neighborhood’s very own Greenpoint Fish and Lobster Company. Behind the counter in the seafood department is Johnny, a fishmonger at Greenpoint Fish and Lobster, who has worked there for a decade and helped open the department at Jubilee. 

Johnny told Greenpointers that Jubilee sells the “same quality of fresh and sustainable” goods as Greenpoint Fish and Lobster, and that a number of fish behind the counter are sushi grade, like the tuna and salmon.

Jubilee’s butcher counter, part of the whole animal butchery program.

Another highlight at Jubilee is the whole animal butchery program with products from local family-owned farms like Gibson Family Farms. Luz told Greenpointers that Jubilee is “the first grocery store to bring full butcher market to neighborhood.”

Behind the counter in the butcher section is third generation butcher, Eduardo. He said that at Jubilee he sells special cuts that others won’t sell, using the whole animal, and by doing so, “honoring” the animal. 

His favorite cuts include beef chuck, which he calls marble and versatile, and pork sirloin. He also makes homemade chorizo and burgers. “Lamb shanks don’t get a lot of love, but if you braise them they are the best,” Eduardo said. 

All of the farms that Jubilee works with, like Gibson and Fossil, use sustainable practices. The grocery store looks for farms that have pasture-raised animals that are reared humanely. Luz explained that grass doesn’t grow in New York state all year, so when buying local, pasture-raised is more important than grass-fed. 

The farm stand section with the mushrooms grown on site at Jubilee.

The grocery department also includes a local farm stand section showcasing produce from Union Square Market farms purveyors such as Norwich Meadows Farm, plus produce from Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op, a popular co-op used by Greenpoint locals. Luz explained that when purchasing all of the produce, Jubilee makes it a priority to work mainly with New York and New Jersey farms.

The produce department also includes a section dedicated entirely to mushrooms. One refrigerator is reserved for Smallhold mushrooms, an organic mushroom company, with mushrooms grown on site at Jubilee. To the left of the Smallhold fridge are other varieties of mushrooms, including the Lions Mane mushroom which can be cooked as a steak. 

The cheese display at Jubilee.

Other highlights downstairs include a cheese counter with speciality cheeses from local farms, like Lazy Lady cheese, plus plant-based cheeses. On the way to the checkout area, customers will find a small section of toiletry products, international condiments, a wall of various candies, and a small section of stationery goods and toys.

A curated selection of home goods upstairs at Jubilee.

In Jubilee’s upstairs area on the street level, there is another curated selection of small toys and home goods, but the majority of the upstairs area is occupied by 20 Grams Cafe. The coffeeshop and cafe serves Caffe Vita coffee, fresh juices, bagels from popular New York brand Ess-a-Bagel, and a variety of breakfast and lunch items like sandwiches. 

Jubilee is open every day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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