123Dough, an organic sourdough bakery, recently opened a pop-up location in Greenpoint at Blank Brooklyn, a coffee shop located at 192 Nassau Avenue. 123Dough already runs an established bakery that is located outside of the city, in Pound Ridge, New York. 

Organic sourdough bread from 123Dough. Photo: 123Dough’s Instagram

The bakery’s soft-launch menu for Greenpoint consists of organic sourdough bread, sandwiches, and noodle dishes, plus tea and coffee. “We are still tweaking the menu,” bakery supervisor Glen Shin told Greenpointers

For the past couple of weeks, 123Dough’s pop-up shop has been offering sourdough ramen and scones, ancient grain sourdough bread, and sourdough brioche toast with egg salad or tuna salad, in addition to non-alcoholic beverages like cold brew coffee and iced matcha lattes. 

The sourdough ramen is a particularly interesting addition to a bakery. Shin told Greenpointers that when 123Dough started making sourdough ramen noodles, the bakery was “looking to improve” and teamed up with Towari, a Japanese brand known for its buckwheat soba noodles.

A sourdough ramen dish from 123Dough. Photo: 123Dough

“We are using mostly organic ingredients in everything we do,” Shin said. “Our sourdough bread and sourdough noodles are all certified organic.” Shin went on to explain that the scones and brioche are not yet certified organic, but 123Dough does use only organic ingredients for those also.


123Dough is “not your typical sourdough bakery” according to Shin. “You could call us specialists in fermentation, because we are using sourdough to make bread, scones, noodles, and pizza, which will be coming soon.” 

Shin also explained that 123Dough’s excellent sourdough selections are currently served in renowned restaurants near the bakery’s home base in Pound Ridge, including The Inn at Pound Ridge by Jean-Georges and Elm Restaurant in New Canaan. 

Sourdough scones from 123Dough. Photo: 123Dough

“We are offering samples of our bread with our house-made butter, so we invite all Greenpointers to come and check us out,” exclaimed Shin. 

Currently, 123Dough is open in Greenpoint on Saturday and Sunday only from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., but the bakery plans to add another day to the schedule in December. The bakery wrote on Instagram that they will operate the pop-up in Greenpoint “at least until the end of January.”

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