Progress is being made in McGolrick Park. The construction, mainly focused on repair of “asphalt paths, benches, and damaged sidewalks,” per the NYC Parks website, started in June 2022.

Greenpointers can confirm that Phase 1 of construction has been completed, and Phase 2 is underway. The McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance told Greenpointers via Instagram that “Phase 1 is finished” and “Phase 2 started on Monday.”

Meghan Lalor, Director of Media Relations for the NYC Parks Press Office confirmed this, telling Greenpointers, “Phase 1 is complete and all entrances to the playground are open!”

A pathway in McGolrick Park with the playground to the left. Photo: Julia Moak

Lalor also said, “We expect construction to be wrapped by June 2023.” This date was also just updated on the NYC Parks website. As Greenpointers previously reported, the construction was originally projected to be completed by May 2023.

Greenpoint residents wondered if the construction would force the park or playground to close for a year, but the Parks Department confirmed that the project would be completed in phases and the park and its amenities would remain open. As we’ve seen, only certain entrances are being closed off, and park-goers have been able to enter the park and playground from other locations.


Not only is McGolrick Park still open, but events are also continuing to take place there. On Sunday, November 13, the McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance, in conjunction with NBK Mutual Aid and NBK Compost, is hosting a fall festival. 

The festival is happening from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will feature the park’s second annual pumpkin smash. Other offerings include free composting, a warm clothing drive, book giveaway for all ages, mending booth, yarn swap, and fun fall treats. 

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  1. Sorry, but we can’t let the Parks Department off the hook just like that. In April they closed half the park, dug up the sidewalks and ripped out the benches. Then they sat doing absolutely nothing for the entire summer. Then all of a sudden they pull their finger out a couple of weeks ago and get all the work done in less than two weeks. It’s asphalt and benches people, they’re not building Versailles. Phase 2 should be done by Christmas, not June 2023.

  2. Agree! I live on the park so got to see it every day and that’s exactly what happened. Tore it up, left it for months, poured asphalt down and put in benches in 3 weeks. Unreal. Happy to have the new pavement but guess I was expecting a little bit more with the ridiculous timeline.

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