Neighborhood staple, Greg’s Trees, has branched out (pun intended). The small business, known for its Christmas tree stands that pop up around North Brooklyn every November, has opened its first pumpkin patch. 

Greg’s Trees has been part of the community since 1985, growing to five locations, three of which are in North Brooklyn — The Springs, McCarren Park, and on the Williamsburg waterfront. For the first time ever, Greg Walsh, the charismatic owner of Greg’s Trees, has opened the waterfront location at River Street and South 1st St. early to sell pumpkins and other fun fall decor. 

Greg Walsh at his brand-new pumpkin patch on the Williamsburg waterfront.

“We have everything you need to decorate,” said Walsh. “We’re here for the community, for you to come and have fun.”

Walsh told Greenpointers that real estate management company, Two Trees, invited his company to use the lot “for the purpose of creating community” in the neighborhood. It was a wonderful offer that Walsh did not want to pass up. So, he resurrected the pumpkin patch business that he paused 20 years ago to go back to college. 

“I haven’t done pumpkin stands for 20 years,” Walsh told Greenpointers. He explained that from 1985 to 2000, he did have small pumpkin stands around the city, but “nothing like this,” he said, looking around his new pumpkin patch.

A festive fall-themed cutout at the entrance of Greg’s Pumpkin Patch.

Greg’s Pumpkin Patch is impressive, especially for a first run at this location. The lot is large, located across the street from Tacocina and the playground where the Domino Sugar Factory once was, near Other Half Brewing, Roberta’s, and OddFellows. 

A child painting a pumpkin at Greg’s Pumpkin Patch.

Highlights of the pumpkin patch include two fun fall-themed activities for kids. There is a small maze for little ones, and pumpkin painting for kids of all ages. For a small fee, kids can paint a pumpkin of their choice, and art students are available help at a tented table in one corner of the lot. During their downtime, the artists also decorate pumpkins that are available for purchase.

One of the festive fall-themed cutouts at Greg’s Pumpkin Patch.

Greg’s Pumpkin Patch also features several of the large character cutouts that Greg’s Trees is famous for, all done by the same artist who created the Christmas ones. These new fall-themed cutouts feature scenes from the Wizard of Oz, Peanuts, and the Nightmare Before Christmas

In one corner of the pumpkin patch, an entire section is focused on Halloween and fall decor, selling items like trick-or-treat bags, scarecrows, and more. There is also an area dedicated to big and beautiful mums that are now fully in bloom.

The section selling Halloween-themed goods at Greg’s Pumpkin Patch.

The main event, of course, is the huge variety of quality pumpkins sold at Greg’s Pumpkin Patch. The multitude of pumpkins for sale include Howden carving pumpkins, sugar pumpkins, field pumpkins, Long Island Cheese pumpkins, Cinderella pumpkins, Lumina White pumpkins, Jarrahdale pumpkins, Porcelain Doll pumpkins, and Baby Boos. Most of the pumpkins that Walsh sells are premium pumpkins with huge stems, which he explained are more difficult to find and more expensive. But he still likes to keep his prices very reasonable.

There is also a section dedicated to cooking pumpkins, with many gourmet pumpkins that have a long shelf life. Walsh explained that customers can keep them through Halloween and then cook with them during the month of November. Many of the pumpkins that do not have stems will be added to this cooking section and sold at very low prices. Walsh says to ask for “exclusively cooking pumpkins” to find these deals. 

Mums for sale and one of the wagons available to carry them, and other goods, home.

Another fantastic feature of the pumpkin patch are the wagons. Greg’s Pumpkin Patch allows customers to grab a wagon, fill it with pumpkins and other purchases, and carry them home in it. Later, only one family member needs to return the wagon to the lot. It’s fun for kids, and easier on adults. Walsh told Greenpointers that he spent $1200 on wagons, which was a bit of a gamble, but has already paid off. He’s going to continue using the wagons for the holiday season at Greg’s Trees.

“It’s fun to have a new theme,” said Eric Kang, one of the managers at Greg’s Pumpkin Patch, who has worked with Walsh at Greg’s Trees for years. Kang explained that the pumpkin patch officially opened on Friday, September 30, but people started popping in on the 28th during setup. “The second we had stock, people came and checked it out,” said Kang.

Florals and pumpkins at Greg’s Pumpkin Patch.

Greg’s Pumpkin Patch will be open until just after Halloween and then close for a two-week transformation to set up for Christmas, opening again in mid-November. Kang told Greenpointers, “Hopefully by the 14th we’ll have trees and be ready for Christmas.”

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