Today’s Greenpoint reminiscence is a lesson in both protecting your pockets and the evolution of journalistic terminology. On this day in 1911, a local resident was charged with grand larceny for lifting money off of a fellow saloongoer according to The Brooklyn Citizen newspaper.

In true twenty-something fashion regardless of the decade (or century), the victim was in the middle of raising the roof when he was allegedly robbed of $100 — or, as the article puts it “relieved of $100.” I’m sure that extra Benjamin was really weighing on his pocket.

The location of the altercation was 130 Franklin Street, which is ironically now home to a bar named Little Rascal, the elevated, but inviting cocktail lounge that opened back in June. And while the ambiance of the current iteration at this address may not evoke hands-in-the-air energy, it would not have been as out of place at its predecessors Magazine Bar or even Shayz Lounge (depending who was manning the jukebox).

Regardless, we can only imagine how far that alleged $100 went on the cocktails of yesteryear compared to today.

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