Eavesdrop, a forthcoming cocktail spot described as “a bar for listening,” is finally set to open to the public on March 3, located at 674 Manhattan Ave (if you hit the new Pueblo Querido, you’ve traveled too far).

The bar boasts 36 seats made for enjoying its menu of craft cocktails, natural wines, and small plates, all set to a quality soundtrack in hopes of setting it apart from other types of nightlife hot spots.

“My friends and I used to have the best times kicking it in our living room taking turns mixing on a cheap controller,” says Eavesdrop’s co-founder and head of booking and programming, Dan Wissinger. “In that type of environment, any track that felt right was welcome. We love New York’s nightlife, but none of the places we knew replicated that living room experience.”

The elements of that experience coalesce in Eavesdrop’s mission to serve as a beacon for Brooklyn’s creative community, be it artists, curators, and even just active listeners. With a thoughtfully designed 1,000-square-foot space and jam-packed sound system, the bar serves as a venue for DJs and curators to dust off some of the lesser-spun records in their libraries. On weekends, expect to hear jazz, soul, rare groove, hip hop, deep house, and electronic, while weekdays will be programmed by local labels, artists, record stores, and tastemakers.

But deep cuts and quality sound aren’t the only things Eavesdrop is serving up — the menu includes artfully crafted cocktails featuring small, local producers of spirits, beer, and natural wine alongside a complementary food program of elevated bar favorites to create a “wine-bar–meets–izakaya” vibe.


Eavesdrop is also available for hosting record release parties and listening events.

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