Scattered Kind

Scattered Kind offers one-of-a-kind rug tufting workshops in North Brooklyn. Since July of 2021 the shop has operated out of Java Studios and will soon be moving to a studio in Williamsburg, right off the Grand Street station. 

How It Came To Be

In early 2021 founder, Andrew Kim was navigating his way through self-employment and attempting to rediscover and renourish his creative side, which had been a bit neglected after college – until now. Though rug tufting was not something he was previously familiar with, the moment clicked for Kim when he saw the streetwear brand, Off-White, collaborate with IKEA to design a rug. With home curation on the rise, the concept of a rug as art rather than just home decor inspired Kim to give it a shot. He made his first rug in January of 2021 and started Scattered Kind a month later. 

In the first few months of being a small business owner, Kim made 20-30 rugs, running the operation on a commission-only-basis. But without the name recognition, he found it difficult to reach the audience he knew would appreciate this craft, and he decided it would be better if he could make his newfound talent accessible to others in a more collaborative way. He started hosting workshops by which his guests were taught how to tuft their own rugs, and over time his team of specialists grew alongside the company. Now, Kim works with a team of six, and they host five workshops a week (six people per workshop) – 30 rugs a week!

Kim with his designs, photo courtesy of the Scattered Kind Instagram

Kim acknowledges that part of their recent success is due to a video on TikTok that went viral late this past summer. In the video, Kim explains how he quit his job to start the rug tufting workshops and leads viewers through the process, encouraging them to try it as a new hobby or for a date night idea.

Kim also acknowledges that his timing for this company was near perfect. The concept of a rug tufting workshop is so novel that he said he had difficulty finding a comparable framework in the country, let alone NYC, when he first started. Though, as more people turn towards DIY home curation, rug tufting continues to grow in popularity. Creating a cozy, inspired, and personalized home space is the key in times like these, and Kim is excited to help folks achieve that in a unique way.


What To Expect

Registration for the March and April workshops is now open! Sign up now, then a month before your workshop date, Scattered Kind will reach out to ask for your chosen rug design. Your design will be prepared and ready to go when you arrive, along with the necessary yarn, and all you have to do is color in the lines. Come one, come all – these workshops cater to any skill level! After you’re finished, the team of specialists will trim and clean up your artwork and then you’ll return to pick up your finished product. 

**Must be 18+ and show proof of vaccination to attend. 

Photo courtesy of the Scattered Kind Instagram

TikTok: @scatteredkind 

Instagram: @scatteredkind 

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  1. Great idea to take it to everyman! Can’t wait. Would love to do a workshop in April…is it all day or hrs or days? Cost of workshop?
    Can you use a portrait photo as design?
    Great stuff!!

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