Another election cycle is upon us! This year, a recent New York State Supreme Court decision split the primary elections in two. Early voting for the first primary began this weekend, where voters cast ballots for the State Assembly, governor, and other statewide offices. Early voting ends on June 26. The first primary election will take place on June 28.

The second primary election will take place on August 23. That race consists of State Senate and congressional elections.

The general election is on November 8.

We spoke with both candidates running for State Assembly in the Democratic primary. Read our interview with incumbent assembly member Emily Gallagher here, and our interview with her challenger, Paddy O’Sullivan.

Waiting to vote in the 2018 elections.

Answers to some frequently asked questions:


Why were the primary elections split in two this year?

Wait, what district is Greenpoint in?

Where do I vote?

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