Laser Wolf (97 Wythe Ave.), The Hoxton’s buzzy new rooftop restaurant, lives up to the hype. It’s almost impossible to get a reservation at Michael Solomonov’s newest location, but when you do, you’ll be treated to intoxicating views, enjoyable vibes, and courses of mouthwatering food. 

Although in a hotel, Laser Wolf is no tourist trap. It is decorated with gorgeous greenery and delicate string lights draped strategically alongside globe lights. Everything is tasteful, and nothing overpowers the view. Plus, the staff, including everyone from the host downstairs to the servers, are incredibly friendly.

A view of the Manhattan skyline at Laser Wolf.

The restaurant is set up so that all of the tables at Laser Wolf have a view of the Manhattan skyline. Most days, an open-air breeze flows through the space, but if the weather is bad, a retractable wall on one side is lowered.

The first Laser Wolf restaurant, named after the butcher in Fiddler on the Roof, was opened in Philadelphia. The North Williamsburg address is Laser Wolf’s second location, and offers with the same concept: an Israeli grill known as a “shipudiya” or skewer house.

To start, all guests receive salatim, a platter of small sides to share, including a bowl of hummus that holds court in the center and delicious fluffy pita bread that can be replenished when it’s inevitably devoured. The word “salatim” technically means salad, but traditionally includes a wide variety of dips, spreads, and small bows of vegetables and fruits. 

The salatim at Laser Wolf.

At Laser Wolf, the salatim platter includes Israeli pickles, Turkish tomatoes, pineapple with celery, crunchy cabbage and fennel, mushrooms, gigantic beans, and more. The waitstaff presents it with fanfare, describing each item and instructing on what goes well with each main course.

Skewers of steak and short ribs, served with rice, at Laser Wolf.

The second course is a choice of meat or fish, reminiscent of aforementioned skewer houses in Israel. The meat is presented in pieces, but are not actually on a stick, and served with rice. Do not miss the short ribs, served with a side of sweet BBQ sauce, that melt in your mouth. The short ribs are fantastic on their own, but also work well with several of the salatim. 

The brown sugar soft serve dessert at Laser Wolf.

Don’t be fooled; although it only includes one option, dessert is no afterthought at Laser Wolf. The brown sugar soft serve topped with cherries and pistachio is a knockout, presented in a small bowl with just the right amount of sweetness to end the meal.

The Hoxton’s lobby, featuring the world’s smallest cinema.

Laser Wolf is open Sunday to Wednesday 5 p.m. – 11 p.m. and Thursday to Saturday 5 p.m. – 1 a.m. The restaurant opens exactly at 5 p.m., with no option to arrive early and linger over a drink. If you find yourself there before 5 p.m., relax in The Hoxton’s lobby with plenty of comfy couches, a fireplace, and the “World’s Smallest Cinema,” a cheeky two-seat theater that actually shows films. 

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