Park Deli, which first opened its doors in Greenpoint in the 1930s and is still loved by neighbors decades later, is now open at its new location at 170 Nassau Avenue, on the corner of Diamond Street. Park Deli’s owner Krystyna Godawa debuted the new space two weeks ago. 

Greenpointers previously reported that Park Deli would close its doors at 209 Nassau Avenue in late March and reopen down the street at 170 Nassau Avenue one week later, at the beginning of April. However, it took two months longer than Godawa expected. 

Park Deli’s owner Krystyna Godawa. Photo: Julia Moak

The delay was due to the deli’s windows, Godawa told Greenpointers. The original windows were small, so Godawa wanted to replace them, not knowing it would take so long. “Now we have big, beautiful windows,” she said happily. “They look good, but took so long to get them.”

“For two months, all I did was spend a lot of money,” said Godawa. “But, now I am busy and can make the money back.” She explained that she’s incredibly busy in the store and with catering. She even catered for the Polish Consulate last weekend. But Godawa is happy about the steady flow of income and knows it’s a good problem to have.

Park Deli has been packed since its reopening, and the neighborhood response has been overwhelmingly positive. “So many people have come in and congratulated us,” gushed Godawa. “I have customers from the old store and new ones.”

The interior of Park Deli’s new location. Photo: Julia Moak

The menu at Park Deli, including an array of Polish specialties like pierogis plus deli classics such as sandwiches and cold cuts, will expand in the new location. There will be “many new things and many new menu items at the new location” according to Godawa. 

Park Deli and Godawa have experienced a rollercoaster of rent increases, finally resulting in the move from 209 to 170 Nassau Ave. Five years ago, it looked like Park Deli would face permanent closure due to a rent increase, but the beloved Greenpoint staple was saved by loyal neighbors. 

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  1. Excellent. As a kid, I would cross Wintrhop Park (not Mcgoldrick) to purchase rice pudding for my Grandmother (Babci) way back when.
    Congratulations on your new era of delicious food.

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