Greenpoint is getting a new bookstore! Leaves (140 Nassau Ave.) has taken over the space that was once home to K&M Housewares, a home goods store that closed in August 2021. 

Leaves is a secondhand bookstore that will sell used books at affordable prices. Like most secondhand bookstores, Leaves will accept donations and buy used books. Leaves will also sell special and rare editions of books for less affordable prices.

Inside Leaves Bookstore

The owner of Leaves, Francisco Hernandez, plans to have a substantial selection of children’s books and a good selection of art books in addition to the traditional genres. Hernandez also aims to sell other paper goods like stationary and bookmarks, plus items like tote bags in the future. 

The bookshelves were built by Francisco himself and were designed to be modular.

Hernandez said that the opening is soft and rolling. “As long as I have books on the shelves, I will start selling them,” said Hernandez, stating that Greenpoint locals have been stopping by the store and asking when he will open.

Leaves will also have a book recycling program. Hernandez will recycle old books that he can’t sell for a number of reasons like condition. 

Shoppers began trickling in on Leaves Bookstore’s opening day on June 6th.

Before opening Leaves, Hernandez used to manage Alabaster Bookshop, a small outlet that specializes in fine art and photography and is on the same block as Strand in Manhattan. “I left to open Leaves,” said Hernandez. 

“I want Leaves to be a neighborhood bookstore,” Hernandez continued. Hernandez is a longtime Greenpoint resident and has always wanted to open a bookstore in the neighborhood he loves so much. 

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