There’s a new Missed Connections platform in town (circa earlier this year) and it has no shortage of North Brooklynites searching for companionship. This month, a handful of neighbors took their efforts to Missed You in hopes of being more than just ships passing in the night (or at the bodega).

Dating — particularly in NYC —  is known by many to be a dog-eat-dog world, and where better to put that to the test than Lucky Dog? On May 15, a poster and recent patron of the pup-friendly watering hole put a call out to a handsome Shar Pei owner. Though she did describe said dog as “loud,” you know what they say: When words fail, dogs speak. Fingers crossed that another pet-friendly meetup could materialize, maybe even at the newly opened One Bell Slip dog run.

Meanwhile, another poster has decided to forego earthly attempts at romance altogether, opting instead to try to reconnect with a fellow M train passenger to whom they felt an intergalactic pull. While the descriptions of early ’90s style, tattoos, and attention-grabbing patterns feel particularly Brooklyn-esque, who are we to deny a kinship claiming to be out of this world? If this sounds like you, why not reach out in hopes of trading the Metaverse for the multiverse and having an (inter)stellar time.

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