If you’re looking for a show-stopping celebration cake, look no further than ByClio Bakery. Brooklyn-based Chef and CEO Clio Goodman hails from the pastry kitchen at Union Square Cafe, bringing her experience from there and a handful of creativity to her own operation. 

ByClio Bakery’s Greek Yogurt and Bay Leaf Cake. Photo credit: Jhonssy Moreno @jmorenopic

A decade ago, Goodman first ventured out on her own and opened, Puddin’ By Clio, working on that for two years and eventually closing it. But during the pandemic in 2020, Goodman relaunched Puddin’ By Clio.

“After being closed for six years, I would still get calls from people looking for it and wanting to order pudding,” explained Goodman. 

Goodman started selling frozen pudding pops and pudding, however, obtaining a license to wholesale frozen goods proved costly, so she switched gears and focused on baking cakes, cookies and other pastries, rebranding the business as ByClio Bakery.

ByClio Bakery now features Instagram pastry porn that dreams are made of. Scroll through some of Goodman’s most popular baked goods including the mole brownie, the fresh fennel gooseberry cake, the coconut rose cake, and the Greek yogurt and bay leaf cake. Goodman says that her personal favorites include the tandoori masala cookie, the pink lemonade cake, and the sumac cherry cookie. She also creates custom birthday cakes. 

ByClio Bakery’s Instagram page, showcasing the sumac cherry cookies, one of Goodman’s favorites.

“My flavors are global. They reflect the places I’ve been, friends I’ve made, and flavors that inspire me,” explains Goodman. “During my career and travels, I worked as a recipe developer, and whatever recipes clients didn’t want, I usually kept,” continues Goodman. “I also had a collection of recipes I made over the years for myself but, never got to share.”

Locals may have already sampled some of Goodman’s as she works with local businesses including Edith’s, and has sold her baked goods at McGolrick Park’s Down To Earth farmer’s market. Goodman is also in the process of creating a dessert for local upscale barbecue joint Fette Sau.

ByClio Bakery’s mole brownie. Photo credit: Jhonssy Moreno @jmorenopic

This past weekend, Goodman began her residency at 15 Essex Street in Manhattan where she’ll work for the next six months, collaborating with the group, Sommwhere, a company that rents out space for pop-ups and events. 

Even with the Manhattan location, Goodman says she still has many clients in Greenpoint and Williamsburg and continues to make deliveries to Brooklyn. 

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