Days after an outbreak of what is believed to be leptospirosis was first traced to the dog run at McCarren Park, the City has finally decided to temporarily close the dog run, according to a sign that is now hanging on the fence.

Frustrated locals took it upon themselves to put up their own signs as a way to warn their fellow community members, though maintenance staff quickly removed them (this author witnessed this happening at least once).

According to Council Member Lincoln Restler on Twitter, NYC Department of Parks and Recreation “is doing emergency repairs to improve dog run drainage & install rodent resistant garbage cans. “

Other outlets have reported that the Parks Department has disavowed that the McCarren dog run is an official Parks Department dog run.

While at least three dogs have been diagnosed with leptospirosis, the presence of the disease has not yet been made official. “New York City’s Health Department had not confirmed reports of canine leptospirosis related to McCarren Park as of Sunday afternoon,” reports Pix 11. “A department official noted dogs usually become sick one to two weeks after exposure, not within hours.


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