If you’re looking for a fresh Christmas tree to deck your halls in holiday spirit, look no further than right here in North Brooklyn.

Jonathan Powley, also known as Mr. Lumberjack, owns several tree stands scattered throughout Williamsburg. One of his most beloved stands is located on the bustling corner of N. 7th St. and Berry St. This stand affectionately goes by the name Berry Merry Trees.

The checkout area at Berry Merry Trees.

Berry Merry Trees’ Manager, Andrew, spoke with Greenpointers about his memorable experience at the Christmas tree stand.

How long have you been in the Christmas tree business?

Andrew: This is my second year at Berry Merry Trees. I manage the stand during the day, and in the afternoon and evening hours, my girlfriend, Kiki, comes to help manage. When we’re not selling Christmas trees, I work in construction, and Kiki is a yoga instructor. 

Andrew, one of the Christmas Trees Managers at Berry Merry Trees, standing in the foreground.

Construction and yoga, huh? Not exactly a smooth transition into tree selling… How did you get this gig?

Andrew:  It all started when Kiki and I took a fun road trip from New York to Los Angeles with a cool airstream. While we were hiking in Pennsylvania, we ran into Jonathan. He was releasing a woodchuck into the wild because it had gotten into his garage. I thought this was very humane and funny, so we all got to chatting. Jonathan asked if we were interested in working at one of his Christmas tree stands. The rest is history!

So, are happy you took the job?

Andrew:  Absolutely! It’s very fun to learn about the community. I love talking to everyone who visits the stand and picks out trees. Every time a little kid comes and picks out a tree, I feel nostalgic and think about my own childhood and choosing my own trees growing up. It really brings me back!

Berry Merry Trees is located directly outside Gran Torino. Is the stand affiliated with the restaurant?

Andrew:  Jonathan partners with Gran Torino. Gran Torino normally has outdoor seating on the sidewalk, but during the tree-selling season, they remove the tables for us, and let Jonathan set up shop on both sidewalks outside the restaurant. I think the pine smell adds to the restaurant experience!

Berry Merry Trees outside of Gran Torino.

Does Berry Merry Trees have a website?

Andrew:  We have an Instagram page! We loving taking photos of families and neighbors choosing trees and post them to our account. Some people even send us photos of the trees in their homes. Check it out here!

Does Berry Merry Trees deliver? (We don’t all work in construction!)

Andrew:  Yes! We offer free delivery.

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