Planning a date in general can be challenging. Planning a date in the winter can be downright  dreary. Let’s face it, freezing your butt off in your cold weather layers isn’t exactly sexy. But, challenges like winter weather can work to your advantage. For example, snuggling is encouraged. 

Greenpoint and Williamsburg offer a buffet of cozy and romanic winter date destinations. Find everything from beginner pottery classes to Jazz Age live music right here in the neighborhood. 

Here is a round up of magical winter date ideas in North Brooklyn .

Pottery Class at Yaro

Wheelthrowing at Yaro.

Channel your inner Swayze at Yaro (76 Kent St.), a new ceramic studio in Greenpoint. The studio offers a 2 hour class called “Intro to Wheelthrowing” where beginners are welcome. You and your date will learn the basics like how to properly center on the pottery throwing wheel. Materials and tool are provided, and Yaro will fire and clear glaze one piece per person. Pieces take about three weeks to be ready for pick up… which could be the perfect excuse for a second date.


Italian Cooking Class at Hudson Table

Cooking class setup at Hudson Table.

Hudson Table (88 Withers St.) offers hands-on cooking classes in an intimate setting right here in Greenpoint. There is a variety of cooking classes and cocktail making classes to choose from. For a transformative date, you might try your hand at making “Rainbow Pasta” on December 19th or join “A Night in Italy” on December 21st, because nothing is more romantic than pretending you’re in Italy. 

Jazz and Oysters at St. Mazie

Miss Maybell and the Jazz Age Artistes at St. Mazie.

Take your date back in time with Miss Maybell and the Jazz Age Artistes at St. Mazie (345 Grand St.) on December 14th. If the roaring twenties aren’t your thing, St. Mazie offers a different option every night, all equally magical. St. Mazie also has one of North Brooklyn’s best Oyster Happy Hours, making this local spot a perfect date destination. 

Bowling and Grinding at Brooklyn Bowl

The stage at Brooklyn Bowl.

Brooklyn Bowl (61 Wythe Ave.) offers two dates in one. See live music performances while bowling in this lively and large space. Saturday, December 18th, Brooklyn Bowl features “Grind with Me: 2000’s Club Hits Mashed with 90’s R&B Anthems.” After a round of bowling, you and your date can get extra cozy on the dance floor to some nostalgic hits. Brooklyn Bowl also has surprisingly good food from popular chain, Blue Ribbon. 

Tour and Tastings at Brooklyn Winery

Wine and crostini at Brooklyn Winery.

Take your date on a tour of Brooklyn Winery (213 N 8th St.) and learn all about urban winemaking. Each tour includes a tasting of seven Brooklyn Winery wines. If all goes well, end the date at Brooklyn Winery’s wine bar with excellent bites, eliminating the need to venture out into winter weather. 

Movie With a View at Skyline Drive-In

Movies and a view at Skyline Drive-in.

If you own a car, there’s nothing cozier than watching a romanic movie at Skyline Drive-in (1 Oak St.) with the incredible backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. Snuggle up with Love Actually or The Holiday, two romantic holiday classics playing in the coming weeks that you and your date have most likely already seen… because who wants to actually watch the movie?

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