Are you looking for a new lover? What if I told you that perhaps the lover you’re looking for is closer than you think…

Founded by Brooklyn-based artists, Shannon Wilson and Maddie Archambault, New Lover is the newest vintage brand on the block, it’s ready to help you find love – from the outside in. To kick things off, the New Lover launch party will be Saturday, September 25th from 3pm-7pm, rooftop style.

North Brooklyn has a wide variety of vintage stores, but each has its own special story, its own unique energy, and its own methods for making fashion sustainable, affordable, and noteworthy. New Lover stands out in part because of this thoughtful, centralized theme – the idea of finding a new lover within. It’s focused on helping others fall in love with themselves again and showcasing that love through a personalized wardrobe.

New Lover collects pieces from all over the country to promote sustainable, individualized fashion. A certified road tripper, Wilson loves to find items from her travels, thereby keeping the New Lover catalog diversified in order to help people build interchangeable wardrobes that can be cycled and styled in a multitude of ways. The goal: feel like your best self. Of course, it takes a team of passionate, dedicated stylists to help lead that charge, and Wilson and Archambault are excited to get started.

The Founders

Shannon Wilson is a multi-hyphenate creative. A jack of all (creative) trades, she loves to surround herself with innovative, inspired, and artistic individuals who are passionate about helping others “feel seen and heard and welcomed to be themselves” through whatever medium possible. 


Wilson and her partner, Maddie Archambault, are old college friends who both decided their talents in art direction and entrepreneurial desires could be harnessed outside of the office to bring some good to our community. Plus, Wilson has years of thrifting experience that she was ready to put to good use.

Photo by Maddie Archambault

“As a child, I was waking up at 6 or 7 am to go to garage sales and thrift stores with my mom and always thought I could achieve so much more individuality and genuine style by going through clothes that had a life before I met them. When friends started asking me to thrift for them, it became a clear win-win. I get to do what I love and find pieces for people that will help them feel as good as I do in mine.”

Shannon Wilson

Wilson strongly believes that thrifted clothes have a history worth honoring. Each piece has a past, and a future, if you can just take a moment to imagine the possibilities. Wilson also acknowledges that her clothing personality is so versatile and believes that it should not be expensive to properly realize each of those identities. Street wear today, office chic tomorrow, 70s retro the next, and not a dent in her wallet. 

For that reason too, Wilson and Archambault are prioritizing making their prices competitive and logical. With a value on accessible sustainability, Wilson says, “trends will change, we will change, and we should be able to change our wardrobes as we evolve. Each day feels different, so should your outfit. And it shouldn’t break the bank.” 

Where You Can Find New Lover

Though they intend on opening a storefront in the future, New Lover can be found mainly on Instagram (eCommerce style), at various markets, and in local pop ups. Details for their launch party on Saturday, September 25th from 3-7pm can be found on social media. 

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