Otto’s Vintage is a fresh face on Nassau Avenue. They recently debuted with a soft opening, and owners D.I. and Maryam Tabibi are planning a grand opening on July 15th. 

So far, Otto’s features a collection of furniture, art, dishware, household items, and knick-knacks, but they intend to add more goodies as they grow with additions such as books, clothes, records — everything! 

The goal: to be a friendly and affordable, used furniture, home goods, and decor shop in Greenpoint — according to D.I.

Meet The Owners

D.I. and Maryam Tabibi have both been living in the neighborhood for approximately 16 years. Before the pandemic, both D.I. and Tabibi were well established working in the restaurant industry and connected on this idea for a passion project. 

When Tabibi’s first family moved here from Afganistan in 1981, she recalls spending a lot of time in thrift stores with her family trying to get the goods they needed. With that, her thrifting hobby grew and her passion for affordable, accessible furnishings grew with it. 


As a silver lining to pandemic-related career shifts, Tabibi considers this the dream business she never thought she would have. 

At this point, Otto’s does not have employees – the show is completely run by these two owners who are working hard to source all the materials and also run the shop. Though it has always been an appealing concept to the pair, the way the store came to be has happened relatively quickly. Over the course of the pandemic, they began collecting furniture, and then all of a sudden a space was available, and voila – the storefront was born. 

Most importantly (of course), Otto’s Vintage was named after Tabibi’s dog, Otto.

Photo courtesy of Maryam Tabibi

How You Can Learn More

At the moment, Otto’s Vintage is open Monday-Thursday from 2 pm-8 pm, and Friday-Sunday from 11 am-8 pm. That said, those hours are subject to change as the store solidifies its presence. Check them out on 181 Nassau Ave.
Otto’s is growing their social media presence, you can find them on Instagram at  @ottosvintage for more examples of the available merchandise.

Photo courtesy of Maryam Tabibi

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