Jen Stark is a multifaceted artist, visionary, and pioneer skilled in creating a unique virtual platform for her supporters to gather. Stark has worked to develop her art and cultivate her community which has resulted in her most recent venture, her largest solo show to date: Cascade.

Cascade is “a sensory art exhibition featuring 6,000 sq ft of hypnotic interactive projections, soundscapes, paintings, and sculptures” and it will be running from September 17th-October 24th at The William Vale on 111 N 12th Street in Williamsburg.

With 2D, 3D, and animation works, Stark uses a variety of bright colors and kaleidoscopic shapes to create mind bending, hypnotic images, many of which will be on display at Cascade.

The Inspiration

While Stark has showcased her work in many solo and group exhibitions in the past, this is her largest to date and the first solo exhibition since before the pandemic. Stark created Cascade in an attempt to design a larger extension of her interactive dream world that people of all ages can enjoy. 

The William Vale appeared to be the perfect home for this undertaking, given the strong cultural and community ties that the hotel has with North Brooklyn, in addition to its decorated history of art programming. Stark and her team are extremely excited to host this event in a place that is accessible to a wide variety of people, ages, and backgrounds.


What To Expect

The exhibition will be 6,000 square feet with six different projections, a gallery space, and a retail store. One benefit of the size is the ability for patrons to stay safely distanced from one another, and for enthusiasts of Stark’s work to see her art in large scale, up close and personal.

“To bring her psychedelic visions and sacred geometries to life, Stark collaborated with a team of highly skilled technologists who have been trained in augmented reality and projection mapping. Collaborators include: CutMod, Chris Rutledge, TJ Pulliam, Jamie Vance, David Lewandowski and Charlie Scovill. As viewers walk through Cascade, they will be surrounded by tantalizing visual effects and enveloping sounds.”

Cascade website

Being able to see her work in person and to that degree is incredibly liberating. Art can be intimidating and appreciating or attending art-related events can often be seen as elitist, so being able to provide an accessible interactive and immersive experience for all ages has been paramount for Stark and her team.

Stark will also be showcasing six animated pieces that will be minted into NFTs to be sold online. NFTs are still a relatively new concept for many, and being able to see the art physically in person before it becomes an NFT is a neat way for Stark to introduce others into the NFT world. 

For those who are unfamiliar, NFT stands for “non-fungible token” and they denote ownership of digital artwork. For example, if you bid on one of Stark’s animations and you win, you now own that piece of digital art. NFTs cover a wide range of art. For example, Twitter founder & CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet for 2.9 million dollars.

Jen Stark is at the forefront of NFT artwork. Earlier this year, Fortune named Stark in the “NFTy Top 50” for the most influential creators.

$Stark Coin

Another way you can get involved in Stark’s art world is by purchasing $Stark Coin. What is $Stark Coin, you might ask? Well, it’s a social token that will give you access to the Stark art community. It’s another way for Stark to interact in her dream world, and to bring her community together. You will have access to a discord chat community that Stark engages in, thereby giving you the opportunity to chat with other fans and even converse with Stark about her work. While this might feel a bit futuristic, Stark and her team recognize the growth of social tokens as a way for individuals to have closer access to their favorite artists. 

Stark will surely continue to pioneer in this capacity, and this event will be one for the books, you don’t want to miss!

How To Get Tickets

As detailed on the Cascade website:

Timed Entry Tickets

  • $25-$45 depending on the day
  • Times appear to be between 1pm-11pm
  • Enter Anytime During Your Time Slot
  • Enjoy CASCADE for up to 60 Minutes
  • Visit the CASCADE Store & Gallery
  • No Re-Entry

Premium Tickets 

  • $95
  • Full Day Access from 1pm-11pm
  • Enjoy CASCADE for the Entire Day
  • Visit the CASCADE Store & Gallery
  • Unlimited Exit & Entry for Selected Day (ID Required)
  • First 200 Premium Buyers Receive 30 $STARK Coin

Click here to access either option. Proof of full vaccination is required for attendance and masks are mandated for the event.

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