Summer is here, school is out, and playground season is in full swing. There is no shortage of slides and monkey bars in the neighborhood, however, it can be difficult to choose a playground that’s fun for the whole family.

Whether you are looking for lots of swings, lots of shades, or ice cream shops to hit afterward, this list has the right playground for you.

Here is a roundup of the best playgrounds in Williamsburg and what’s makes each of them special. And be sure to also check out Greenpoint’s best playgrounds.

Vincent V. Abate Playground

One of the many jungle gyms at Vincent V. Abate Playground in McCarren Park.

Vincent V. Abate Playground (Lorimer St. and Driggs Ave.) in McCarren Park is one of the neighborhood’s largest playgrounds. It features a whopping four sets of swings, two of which are for babies and toddlers. There are several jungle gym structures spread throughout the large play area. Most have monkey bars and slides. There is also a large splash pad with sea animal statues. The water area is surrounded by trees, providing lots of shade. There are many benches around the entire playground and large bathrooms. 


This playground is located next to the McCarren Park Pool, offering the option of a full day destination. An added bonus are carts selling Italian ices in the playground area for $3 a pop.

William Sheridan Playground

One of the slides near shady benches at William Sheridan Playground.

William Sheridan Playground (Wythe Ave. bet. Grand St. and S. 1 St.), named for a New York Police Officer who was killed in action during World War I, can get crowded being next to a school, but it has several great features that may make it worth it anyway. 

This playground boasts a prime Williamsburg location, two blocks from the restaurants in Domino Park and one block from delicious gelato shop, Gentile. Another highlight is the fact that the playground offers bathrooms, conveniently located in the middle of the play area. William Sheridan also features two large jungle gym sets, one with monkey bars, plus a spray water feature and basketball courts. There are many benches with shade, making this playground very comfortable for parents and caregivers.

Domino Park Playground

Domino Park Playground, seen from the East River Ferry.

Domino Park Playground (300 Kent Ave.), located within the new waterfront Domino Park is part of the redevelopment of the waterfront area that was once a Domino sugar factory. It’s one of the largest playground in Williamsburg and is perfect for Instagram-worthy shots with the skyline backdrop and reclaimed wood and aluminum features. Domino Park’s website explains that “children can go from the Sugar Cane Cabin to the Sweetwater Silo to the Sugarcube Centrifuge – each designed to resemble part of the actual factory that once operated here.”

Other highlights include two water features, bocce ball areas, sand volleyball courts, and a Danny Meyer-run taco restaurant called Tacocina. Across the street is the Other Half brewery, popular pizza joint Roberta’s, and OddFellows ice cream.

Berry Street Playground

The hopscotch area at Berry Street Playground.

Berry Street Playground (S. 3 St. bet. Berry St. and Bedford Ave.) is one of Williamsburg’s smaller playgrounds and is not usually crowded. It is perfect for younger children with one set of swings for toddlers and a hopscotch area. There are two small jungle gym structures and basketball courts if older siblings are in tow. One huge plus is that there is lots of shade. 

Bedford Playground 

The round structures in front of the jungle gym at Bedford Playground.

Bedford Playground (Bedford Ave. bet. S. 9 St. and Division Ave.) takes its name from the avenue running along its west side. It’s an average sized playground with one large jungle gym structure, a water feature, a basketball court, tables with chess boards, and several benches. A unique feature is the large round statues that kids love to climb on located near the jungle gym and water feature.

Jacobs Ladder Playground

The monkey bars at Jacob’s Ladder Playground.

Jacob’s Ladder Playground (Clymer St. to Morton St. between Kent Ave. and Wythe Ave.), named for a plant species, is located in southern Williamsburg near the river. The playground features two different jungle gym structures, one with monkey bars and one designed for smaller children. There is one set of baby swings and a few benches. There is also a large grassy area, sloping down toward the water where you can find sunbathers during summer months. One unique feature of Jacob’s Ladder Playground is the fact that it is located next to several free parking spots that are usually available. 

Martinez Playground

The skate park at Martinez Playground.

Martinez Playground (Scholes St. bet. Manhattan Ave. and Graham Ave.) is located in East Williamsburg and named for Thelma Martinez, who is known for her commitment to the community and the children who lived there. 

One very unique feature of the playground is the skate park, where local kids can be seen at all hours on skateboards. There are also handball and basketball courts and bathrooms. The many trees lining the playground make great shade for the many benches. 

Roebling Playground

The jungle gym at Roebling Playground.

Roebling Playground (Lee Ave. between Wilson St. and Taylor St.) is a colorful playground with a new jungle gym feature, toddler swings, and several hopscotch areas. These features make it popular with the younger crowd, however, it is located next to P.S. 16 so it’s best to go before the older kids get out of school.

Roebling Playground also offers handball and basketball courts, bathrooms, and benches. This South Williamsburg playground shares its name with Roebling Street, both honoring John Augustus Roebling, designer of the Brooklyn Bridge. 

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