Hey Greenpoint, it’s (hopefully) your last weekend with an early bedtime — New York’s bars and restaurants have been granted permission to stay open until ~midnight~ starting Monday, April 19! Catch up on some sleep this weekend, because, soon, this city is going back to, well, never sleeping…

Before you doze off, catch up on some of our top stories from this week. As part of our ongoing series of interviews with city council candidates for District 33, we checked in with Sabrina Gates.

Hungry? We rounded up Greenpoint’s best burgers as well as Greenpoint’s best fried chicken, so you can indulge all week. And, the greatest news this week: Esme reopened!

We featured Greenpoint illustrator John O’Neill, who uses his city planning experience to influence his architecture centric art. Those eager to seep up some local artwork can also visit Pompei Gallery. Sick of your quarantine apartment? apply to the NYC Housing lottery to test your luck at an “affordable” albeit still expensive, luxury apartment.

Get some style inspo for this weekend, and perhaps even get featured in our latest addition of our Fashion Sundae Spring 2021.


Also in and around Greenpoint…

New Yorkers around the city watched as Greenpoint and Williamsburg’s debate on open streets continued, with controversy sparked by a video depicting a a person driving Amazon van allegedly steeling community blockades.

The long neglected Greenpoint Hospital site will become four buildings comprising of a homeless shelter, affordable housing, and senior housing

The EPA approved a plan to manage the polluted water in Newtown Creek

VITAL Brooklyn will offer 24-hour bouldering, a rooftop cafe, sauna and more across from McCarren Park

Fandi Mata is hiring for all positions. Email your resume to info@fandimata.com. Edy’s Grocer is also hiring FOH staff. Email your resume to edysgrocer@gmail.com

A spring clothing and food drive will take place at McCarren Park on Saturday, April 17

Cutlets Sandwich Co. has teamed up with Rubirosa through April 25, to offer a limited edition Vodka Chicken Parm.

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