Local businesses are continuing to shift their trajectories to best accommodate clientele during the pandemic. Oftentimes, for restaurants, this looks like an abridged menu, but popular upscale sushi restaurant Chiko (954 Manhattan Ave.) has rebranded from 13 course set-menu omakase dinners to “creative Chinese cuisine.”

Chiko’s new menu aims to be a survey of regional Chinese cuisine in “seven bites,” which is what chiko means in Chinese. To start, Chiko is focused on Sichuan cuisine, but plans to change the menu soon and explore the regional cuisines of China through the dishes.

Dishes on the new menu range from $7 to $13 and include cucumber salad marinated in a garlic-soy vinaigrette, mapo tofu over rice, dan dan noodles and more. Beverages include a homemade herbal plum juice and bubble tea, as well as bottle of sake and a sake mojito. Groups (or hungry individuals) can also order a family style meal, which includes spiced beef, mapo tofu, mushroom and egg fried rice and sauteed string beans for $65.

Takeout can be ordered by calling  917-909-0580 and Chiko encourages curious diners to sign up for their newsletter at ChikoNYC.com to be the first to know about new menu updates.

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