Dandelion Wine’s Diversity Packs raise money for Black Lives Matter

Drinking wine can be a casual form of activism, thanks to Dandelion Wine‘s (153 Franklin St.) newest charitable effort: Diversity Packs.

Purchasing the Diversity Pack’s $100 set of six wines donates 100% of profits to Black Lives Matter. Since the collection launched on Thursday, May 29th, Dandelion Wine has raised $9680. Once the wine shop reaches $10,000, 601ArtSpace will match the donation.

Some of the Diversity Pack wines are donated by importers or producers, meaning some pricey bottles can be found in the collection at a good deal. Additional wines, almost all of which are organic, are curated by Dandelion Wine’s buyer, Jed Boyar. The Diversity Pack selection has switched over three times. The latest collection launched on Friday, June 19th. Bottles currently include Azimut’s rosé cava, Viña Zorzal’s 2019 Rosado, Sierra de Toloño’s 2019 Rioja Tempranillo and more.

None of the wines featured in the Diversity Pack are made by Black producers, but are diverse in their tastes and styles. In the near future, Dandelion Wine plans to feature more Black-produced wines, such as Andre Mack’s Maison Noir bottles, which are expected to be available for sale in the shop later this week.

Earlier this year, Dandelion Wine donated nearly the same amount to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation with a “Stayin’ Alive” pack designed to drum up support for independent restaurants.


“It’s the best way we know how to raise money, and help so many in need right now,” says Dandelion Wine founder Lily Peachin. “We feel lucky to be able to operate during these times, even though it hasn’t been easy.” The shop has stayed open through the pandemic, offering delivery-only wine until recently, when in-person purchases also became manageable.

This year has been a challenge for nearly every local business, but the hurdles have also strengthened small business’ in new ways, such as learning how to support the community. “We have always believed in giving back to our community since day one. We just found bigger and better ways to do it this year,” says Peachin. Planned Parenthood, local public schools and food banks have all been recipients of Dandelion Wine’s donations in the past. “It feels so good to give,” says Peachin.

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