Repaving on Greenpoint Avenue is scheduled to start Wednesday night.

The Department of Transportation is scheduled to repave Greenpoint Avenue from West Street to Eckford Street  starting Wednesday at  6 p.m. through Thursday at 6 a.m.

The top layer of the asphalt was removed from Greenpoint Avenue last week during an overnight street closure.

No parking signs were placed along the same stretch of the avenue on Tuesday night alerting drivers to move their vehicles by Wednesday at 6 p.m.




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  1. I live on the block. I think the signs were put there tues day or maybe even Monday night…Although it looks nice today thurs and they did a quick and good job….. a few comments.

    1-Why did they schedule the initial scrapping of the street the same week alternate side came back?

    2-When they paved it, the noise was deafening and the whole house vibrated from app. 10:30 to midnight. Although it was done fast it should have been done a little earlier.

    3-Greenpoint ave is heavily used but was in decent shape. I don’t understand why they paved it before some other streets in greenpoint that are in much worse shape.

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