Fish in Newtown Creek (Courtesy of Brandon Duff)

A massive school of fish was spotted in Greenpoint’s most famous Superfund site on Wednesday morning.

Newton Creek has seen it’s fair share of pollution and oil spills, but efforts to restore native habitats by environmental groups such as the Newtown Creek Alliance have helped to bring back life to the waterway over the past decade.

Greenpointers recently spoke with NCA’s executive director Willis Elkins who says that the site of fish is becoming more common on the creek, but that the amount of vessels passing through the East River estuary has not slowed during the coronavirus crisis.

The footage of the Newtown fish was captured on Wednesday morning by local painter Brandon Duff who was walking along the Pulaski Bridge pedestrian path.


Raw sewage still overflows into the creek during rain episodes, and the NYS Dept. of Health warns against fishing in the area due to potential contamination.

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