The 55 Sutton St. location of the Food for Brooklyn pantry. (Via GoogleMaps)

A new food pantry and delivery service, Food for Brooklyn, was launched by married Greenpoint couple Blake and Laura Beth Comer just a few weeks ago and the number of families on their delivery route is already growing. “Yesterday I delivered a week’s worth of groceries to six families, and we’ve already picked up anther family for next week,” Mr. Comer said.

He began delivering groceries to families in North Brooklyn after coordinating with a friend volunteering with the Park Slope coffee shop-turned-food-bank Roots Cafe.

Food for Brooklyn will hold its first pantry distribution this Saturday at 55 Sutton St. from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Supporting a household with four kids, the Comers say that they know firsthand the stress that results when a source of income is lost, as Mr. Comer is also a laid-off hospitality worker.”The last thing people should worry about is putting food on the table,” Mr. Comer said.


The Comers chose Saturday as a pantry day to help families access food on the weekends when options can be more limited. “Anybody can get lunch at the schools during the week. We want to provide for people on the weekends when they’re not getting that,” Mr. Comer said. NYC schools serve as free breakfast and lunch hubs Monday through Friday.

Aside from accepting donations of non-perishable and canned foods, a Food for Brooklyn crowdfunding campaign has raised over $4,300 so far and a wishlist is availavble for donors to purchase goods that will be dispersed at the pantry.

“As we face a growing list of uncertainties in our daily lives, we believe that every person should be certain of their next meal,” the campaign states.

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  1. I just finished seen your ad. I think it’s wonderful! But can people on disability also pick up free food? If so, what documents would I need to present?

    Thank you,
    Barbara Perez

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