Flying Squirrel is moving out of their 87 Oak St. store.

The Greenpoint-based vintage and children’s shop Flying Squirrel (87 Oak St.) is in the process of vacating their storefront of seven years after failing to reach an agreement with their landlord last month.

Earlier this week, owner Kate Schmitz posted a note social media explaining that her lawyer advised to move out of the storefront at the end of April:

Hello friends. I am so sad to have to say this to you, but, I will have to close flying squirrel. You could say it’s due to the virus, or you could just blame certain landlords. My rent was always ridiculous, and my landlord’s only offer once businesses were closed was that I could defer payments until December. I was lucky enough to get an amazing pro bono law firm to help me with negotiations, but even with their help, and even with josh Gutman’s personal phone #, I got nowhere. As of yesterday, my lawyer has advised me to vacate by the end of April. I am already looking for a new space – please let me know if you know of one. And please let me know if you or anyone you know has consignment you would like to pick up. I am donating the cleats to a great organization and the clothing to St Marys in Bed-Stuy. If you have any other suggestions for donations, please let me know. All those fabulous secondhand books, for example, need a home. This is so sudden. I still feel like somehow I can turn it around – I may be wrong about that, but I do know fs and I will adapt to these changing times as all of you will too. Humans are phenomenally adaptable creatures, and I think our neighborhood is going to bounce right back. I look forward to seeing you out there ASAP. Meanwhile, please stay safe and well. I send my love to you and your families. Stay in touch…and email me ASAP to arrange pick up of your consignment items! I will be saving as much as I can. It all depends on what I can do in the next 5 days. If you can stop by for curbside pick-up that would be by far the best solution. I’m just so sorry for this short notice (and this crazy late night post).

On Friday afternoon, Schmitz  began setting out many items in front of the store that are free or for donation via Venmo:


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