Ateres Avrohom in South Williamsburg where a large wedding celebration took place on Tuesday. (Image via Google Maps)

The leaders of New York’s hassidic communities are being urged to limit gatherings to under 10 people to help prevent to spread of coronavirus after 100 people tested positive in Brooklyn and as over 1,000 tests await results.

On Tuesday, the FDNY was called to Ateres Avrohom in South Williamsburg where a wedding with more than 200 guests took place, as the NY Times reports: “The wedding was broken up by two men in Fire Department jackets who arrived in a red pickup truck and dispersed a crowd that had gathered outside the venue’s door.”

A video posted to Twitter shows crowds inside of the wedding venue despite the federal governments recommendation to limit gatherings to under 10 people a day earlier.


As the number of known coronavirus cases increases in Brooklyn, which on Tuesday was nearing 160 cases out of 814 citywide, new testing clinics in Borough Park and Williamsburg have begun serving the Hasidic community, Gothamist reports:

This weekend, thousands of tests were conducted at outposts set up by health clinics in Borough Park and Williamsburg, leading to the surge of confirmations on Tuesday, local leaders said.

“We have a lot of positive results now coming back in Williamsburg and Boro Park unfortunately,” said Rabbi Abe Friedman, a community leader who helped set up the testing centers. “People can no longer ignore the precautions the state and the city have implemented. We must take this serious.”

NY Assembly Member Simcha Eichenstein, who represents parts of Borough Park and Midwood, took to social media on Tuesday urging his constituents to practice social distancing. “Everyone has an important role to play to keep your neighbors, your friends, and your community healthy, he said.

The White House held a call with Hasidic leaders on Tuesday night and by Wednesday most of the community had closed down, The Forward reports: “Leaders were told on the 45-minute call that shuls and schools should be closed down. Following the call, shuls and yeshivas in Kiryas Joel and most yeshivas in New York City closed Tuesday afternoon.”

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  1. Whenever you get a crisis like this you get the abusers on both sides of the spectrum. My religion will tell me what to do, or everything is commie plot to subvert us to the other side, the “medical expert zealots” who claim they know how to cure it and you must follow them.

    Yes, basically listen to the medical experts but there is a lot they don’t even know about the virus. There are conflicting opinions on how bad it will get, whether to wear a mask, should seniors be given special hrs at stores etc. etc.

    Basically listen to the experts who don’t have an ax to grind but in the end it is up to common sense and judgement re what you should do.

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