A new pizzeria is scheduled to open this Saturday morning in a cozy Norman Avenue storefront that was formerly home to Carmine’s Original Pizza.

Greenpoint Original Pizza (93 Norman Ave.) will celebrate its grand opening this Saturday during a ribbon cutting ceremony with Assemblyman Joe Lentol in front of the storefront at 10 a.m., according to owner Baldassare Pantaleo.

Inside the new Greenpoint Original Pizza (93 Norman Ave.)

Pantaleo also owns Italy Pizza (800 Manhattan Ave.) a few blocks away and says that customers can expect classic slices and whole pies, along with a seating area with stools for people dining in. Delivery will not be available at first, but Pantaleo says that he plans to have delivery available eventually.

Greenpoint Original Pizza (93 Norman Ave.)

The address was most recently home to the 100% vegetarian Norman Cafe (93 Norman Ave.), which opened in December 2018 and closed a few months later.


Perhaps more fittingly, 93 Norman Ave. was also the location of Carmine’s Original Pizza for over 30 years and closed in 2015 when the owner, Carmine, decided to retire.

Greenpoint Original Pizza’s hours are Sunday – Wednesday 11 a.m. – 12 a.m., and Thursday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.

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  1. Oh well Greenpoint people have to travel to Northside now hey we did it for over 30years going on bus car cab to Greenpoint bank back in days when Northside had no banks we welcome capital one dime chase m all local businesses coming in well at least I do happy trails

  2. Only posting the following to clear up any of the confusion about Carmine in the above comments, not trying to stir the pot, etc for the rest of the comment (I, personally, liked/used to frequent Italy Pizza when I lived by it & years ago)… via his son on the Greenpointers post:

    “I am Carmine’s son and this is the first we have learned of this new business. The landlord and new owner should be ashamed of their blatant attempt to capitalize on my father’s business reputation for their own profit, by making the sign and name in the same likeness. After 35 years as a loyal paying tenant, my father was not given the opportunity of renewing his lease and walked away with nothing at his retirement. He had many close friends he would have been honored to pass along his well respected name and reputation and did not have the chance. Please consider these facts before visiting this fake pizzeria.”

  3. The landlord is greedy and shakes down her tenants for key money to renew leases that’s why Carmine left she refused to renew his lease and allow him a sale to retire .. bad karma

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