Brooklyn CB1 meets tonight at 211 Ainslie St. starting at 6 p.m.

Brooklyn Community Board 1’s monthly combined public hearing is tonight (2/11) at the Swinging 60’s Senior Center (211 Ainslie St.) starting at 6 p.m.

If you can’t attend in person tonight, you can follow along during the livestream available here. A quick side note: the application for community board membership is currently open through February 14th.

According to the agenda (available here), there will be a presentations tonight on:

  • Kent Avenue and Franklin/Quay Street bike infrastructure upgrade from the DOT: “The goal of the project is to link the new West
    St path to the Kent Ave path, to close gaps in the bicycle network, and build out the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway.”
  • N 14th St one-way conversion between Kent Avenue and Franklin Street and Wythe Avenue: “As a result of the Kent Avenue one-way conversion in 2009, commercial vehicles traveling southbound on Franklin St are forced to travel outside of the NYC truck route network onto N 14th St; at N 14th St all vehicles traveling southbound must turn left and continue eastbound towards Wythe Ave (Kent Av become one-way northbound at N 14th St). Access into and out of the Greenpoint/Williamsburg IBZ area can be difficult for commercial vehicles making deliveries given the existence of a limited number of truck routes coupled with narrow street geometries. N 14th is a narrow two-way street that can be difficult for commercial vehicles to navigate under existing conditions.In addition, cyclists traveling along N 14th St currently share a travel lane with vehicles; given the nature of this area (industrial/manufacturing uses adjacent to residential, recreational, and commercial uses), there are many safety concerns for cyclists related to commercial vehicle operations (i.e. larger blind spots and turning radii for trucks). DOT proposes to convert N 14th St between Kent Av/Franklin St and Wythe Ave to one-way eastbound (which corresponds with the direction that has substantially higher vehicular volumes) to simplify vehicular movements and use additional road space to upgrade the existing shared bike lane to a parking protected bike lane, which will be accessible from Kent Av/Franklin St.”
  • The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office on the “Sealing Unit,” and the October 2017, NYS law which allows individuals to apply to the court to have eligible criminal convictions sealed.
  • BIBA (110 Kent Ave.) on a liquor license for an existing location: “They having finally proceeded with their elevator construction and completing construction of their first floor and basement C of O.”
  • Public comments on the 2021 preliminary budget.
  • NYC Economic Development Corporation’s upgrade for the Williamsburg ferry landing: “which is one of the oldest in the NYC Ferry system. EDC is bringing the
    landing up to standard with the newer landings in the system. New landing work is estimated to last 5-6 months, with a completion date of December 2020.”
  • A BSA special permit application for 277 S 5TH St.: “The application is for a Physical Cultural Establishment (PCE) in a a building currently under construction.”
  • A zoning map amendment by a “private applicant” at 276 Bedford Avenue “to facilitate the development of a 3-story,5,400 square foot mixed use development, including approximately 2,200 square feet of ground floor commercial space and 3,200 square feet of ground floor commercial space.”
  • The Hospice of New York on the overview of their services.

There will also be nine liquor license renewals and 11 new liquor license applications.

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