The Greenpoint Art Circle at an art-making workshop.

A newly-formed locally-based art group that started through an online message board will hold their first show this weekend in Greenpoint.

Nadia Gomez, the founder of Greenpoint Art Circle says that the groups’ origins began a year ago with a post she made on the NextDoor app asking if “anyone might be interested in gathering to create an accountability group for creators, especially those with day jobs,” she wrote to Greenpointers.

For the first Greenpoint Art Circle show, the CBD shop Brooklyn Bliss (1048 Manhattan Ave.) will host an opening reception on January 11th, from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.; the exhibition runs through January 25th.

The group has approximately 20 members and the debut show will have works by Cesar Tello, Erica Roe, Irina Romashevskaya, Joe Piscopia, Johann Boteju, Kristilyn Waite, Nadia Gomez, Reb Carlson, Sean Form, Stephanie Mautone, Zach Hewitt, Sally Volkmann.

“My vision for the group is for it to be a space where anyone is free to initiate a wide variety of collaborative activities, projects, or events,” Gomez said. “Our main activity is our creative practice check-in meeting that happens every second Sunday of the month and other events occur sporadically.”


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