Vamos Al Tequila (162 Franklin St.) is reopening tonight at 5 p.m. with a round of drinks on the house in celebration.

A sign in the front window on Thursday stated: “We’re Back!!! Join Us for Dinner Tonight Drinks on Us See You at 5pm.”

Vamos Al Tequila (162 Franklin St.)

The Mexican restaurant that has attracted hungry customers to Franklin Street for a decade closed following a November 6th inspection by the NYC Health Dept. that racked up 46 points.

A brief closure to comply with the citations included work to install new tiles in a portion of the basement to replace the carpet.

The basement where new tiles were installed.

The owner, Maria, was in front of the building Thursday morning and explained that the health inspector found baby roaches in the basement carpet.

A thorough cleaning and floor replacement she said remedied the situation. “Tonight is a celebration,” she said, further explaining that her family lives in the neighborhood and helps with work at the restaurant.

A Greenpointers Instagram post from November 11th regarding the Vamos closure erupted into a heated discussion with more than 200 comments. Local residents pushed back against disparaging comments aimed at the quality of food and service. The post resulted in a Greenpoint woman sending a video testimonial to Greenpointers stating that restaurant staff deal with “incredibly annoying customers,” including herself.

Vamos Al Tequila will be offering a free drink of choice to all patrons tonight starting at 5 p.m. Stop in for a margarita, shot or beer tonight in celebration!

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  1. Agreed with Vamos as a good place. I and many of my friends and family have gone there with no problems. Staff is very nice. Agreed with the comment with pesky customers including some of the lemons in my family and friends. They don’t push drinks on you. In fact the only complaint I have about the place is that it takes a bit to get a drink!

    I will continue to go there if they get a string of passing grades unlike a Japanese rest. on Noble and Manhattan who was not only closed for a while but continues to get a string of poor grades. To be fair, the food was good but overpriced.

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