Vamos Al Tequila (162 Franklin St.)

Mexican restaurant Vamos Al Tequila (162 Franklin St.) was closed last week by the NYC Dept. of Health following a Nov. 6th inspection, according to the agency’s website.

 A sign in the window says that the business is closed for health violations.

The restaurant received a failing grade of 46 (an ‘A’ is 0-13 points), with “critical violations” for alleged evidence of roaches, improper food storage, and not having a vermin-proof facility.

City restaurant health inspection results can be challenged and the cited problems can potentially be fixed for the restaurant to reopen.

A popular place for locals to munch on standard Mexican fare and to enjoy outdoor seating in the warmer months, Vamos Al Tequila is a staple for affordable food options in the northern end of Greenpoint.

“I’ve had at least 300 bowls of soup alone in there in the last 10 years and never have had a problem,” a dedicated Vamos fan responded to the news on a Greenpointers Instagram post, “here’s to hoping they can sort out whatever the violation was and reopen soon – I was about to head there for some chicken soup!”


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  1. Manetta’s , a popular old sauce Italian rest. over the Pulaski bridge in LIC was closed at about the same time for similar reasons.

    I must have take 20 people there over the yrs. and they all agreed it was the best Italian rest. they have ever been too.

    Murphy’s law.

  2. Greenpointers sucks for posting this. Greenpointers will shill for any stupid private equity backed millenial popup, trendy ripoff mini chain restaurant or franchise. Greenpointers shills for the real estate interests which are hyper-gentrifying this neighborhood. Greenpointers is now a problem

  3. Vamos is back, Didn’t stay closed for more than a day. Obviously all the alleged violations were dropped or dealt with. Whoever posted about this Blog being a shill for millennial pop up dreck – You are right.

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