Bernie Sanders in Transmitter Park for a speech in 2015 (Courtesy of Timothy Krause)

The website Renthop crunched the total amount of donations given to 2020 presidential campaigns by New York City residents during the third quarter and in terms of the number of unique donors, Bernie Sanders leads the candidate pack in 83 zip codes.

With more than $2.5 million raised from NYC donors, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has the highest total amount of donations.

The three presidential candidates with the highest number of unique donations in 2019 are Sanders with 3,606 unique donors, Buttigieg with 3,434 unique donors, and Senator Elizabeth Warren with 2,981 unique donors, according to the study.Sanders is the 2020 presidential candidate to have most-recently held a rally in both Greenpoint (during a 2016 Transmitter Park rally) and Williamsburg (a September 2019 fundraiser).  Sanders also had his strongest NYC support in North Brooklyn during the 2016 Democratic Primary election, so perhaps it’s no surprise that North Brooklyn still shows support for the Vermont Senator.

Graph of 11211 2020 Presidential race donations (courtesy of Renthop)

Sanders’ highest number of donations came from Williamsburg zip code 11211; the candidate also leads the borough of Brooklyn with 1,348 unique donors for the most recent reported filing period, according to Renthop.

In Greenpoint zip code 11222, Sanders is the leader in both the amount raised and the total number of donors, and Senator Elizabeth Warren takes second place in the neighborhood.

Graph of 11222 donations (courtesy of Renthop)

President Donald Trump is close behind Sanders with 82 NYC zip codes where he is the top 2020 candidate with the most unique donors.

Trump also leads in number of unique donors in The Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens, while Pete Buttigieg leads Manhattan with zip code 10011 backing the Indiana Mayor the most. More From Renthop:

While Pete Buttigieg only took the lead in 35 zip codes in terms of unique donations and 32 zip codes in terms of the total dollar amount raised, we still see that he managed to become the front runner candidate in several Manhattan zip codes. In addition, as we can see from the interactive map above, the percentage donor share for Manhattan is completely democratic donations.

When taking a closer look at the corresponding interactive line graph above the map, we see that Bernie Sanders is in the lead in terms of the total number of donations. As of September 30th, Sanders had 3,606 unique donations, Buttigieg had 3,434 unique donations, and Warren had 2,981 unique donations.

It’s important to note that the colors approach the data from a different angle. Blue zip codes are zip codes where the aggregated number of unique donations of all 18 Democratic candidates is higher than the number of unique donations received by Donald Trump, and red zip codes are areas where Donald Trump alone attracted more unique donors than all 18 Democratic candidates combined. While we are still one year away from the general election, Donald Trump has started gaining momentum in certain zip codes, particularly in Staten Island and Queens.

Here are the numbers by borough via Renthop:

Unique Donations Leaderboard – By Borough

Since New York consists of five large boroughs, we thought we’d break down the donations by borough in addition to zip codes to better understand New Yorker’s diverging views. You can also select the boroughs from the drop-down menu on the map to learn more.

  • Bronx: Donald Trump, 123 unique donations – Highest number of donations from zip code 10465 (28 donations, $7,085 raised)
  • Brooklyn: Bernie Sanders, 1,348 unique donations – Highest number of donations from zip code 11211 (81 donations, $21,644 raised)
  • Manhattan: Pete Buttigieg, 2,732 unique donations – Highest number of donations from zip code 10011 (287 unique donations, $258,906 raised)
  • Queens: Donald Trump, 648 unique donations – Highest number of donations from zip code 11375 (45 donations, $14,270 raised)
  • Staten Island: Donald Trump, 267 unique donations – Highest number of donations were from zip code 10314 (53 donations, $10,776 raised)

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