Courtesy of Ovenly

Ovenly, the beloved local bakery chain, launched a competition to support female entrepreneurs by offering up their Studio One54 location (154 Franklin St.) as a pop-up space.

More details from Ovenly:

We’re choosing two female entrepreneurs to create their very own holiday pop-up shop each weekend between November 1 and December 22. Shops can sell anything from custom artwork to handmade breads to unique ceramics. Businesses will also receive advice from our award-winning leaders, CEO Erin Patinkin and COO Agatha Kulaga, and social media support from Ovenly.

All entries must be received by October 16th to be considered, apply here.

“When we started Ovenly, we had few opportunities to test the market and little access to advice from other founders,” Patinkin and Kulaga said in a statement. “We hope that by offering our studio space, we can help other entrepreneurs with the resources we didn’t have ourselves at the outset.”

Winners will be notified on October 21.


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