Participatory budgeting — the community-lead budgeting process that funds $1.5 million in neighborhood projects — is back for the ninth cycle, and you can submit ideas here.

All ideas must be submitted by Friday, October 11, to be considered for the next ballot, according to the PB website:

Eligible ideas must be for “capital” projects: physical infrastructure for public benefit, such as park improvements or new technology for schools. “Expense” projects, such as afterschool programs or expanding bus service, are not eligible.

For those seeking more info, a series of PB town halls with NYC Council Member Stephen Levin are scheduled:

  • October 16, at the Dupont Senior Housing Center (80 Dupont St.) at 6:30 p.m.
  • October 22, at the Independence Community Center (114 Taylor St.) at 7 p.m.
  • October 23, at the Wycoff Gardens Community Center (280 Wycoff St.)

In the 2019 PB cycle, 3,600 Brooklyn District 33 votes were cast and decided on the following projects.


Expense Projects
Gowanus Canal Conservancy
NYCHA Gardening Project w/ GCC                          
GCC, residents and the afterschool program will partner to enhance and expand garden plots using new tools & materials. Wyckoff Gardens, Gowanus Houses, Warren St.

Make Steam / Automotive High School, 50 Bedford Avenue
Teaching Creativity with Digital Tools      
Training for teachers to use 21st Century tools, design thinking, & project-based learning in our Public Schools

Williamsburgh Library, 240 Division Avenue
More Books for Williamsburgh Library                   
Help buy up to 200 more books for the collection at this great resource for all Williamsburg residents.

Capital Projects 
P.S. 31, 75 Meserole Avenue
New Smart Boards for P.S. 31                    
Provide state of the art smart boards to upgrade the educational opportunities for these elementary school students.

Automotive High School, 50 Bedford Avenue
Make STEAM                    
Increase creativity & opportunity for public school students by infusing the curriculum with cutting-edge skills & tools

I.S. 318, 101 Walton Street
Renovated Library for Better Learning                   
Make a better library for students to enjoy reading and studying. New Shelves and desks.

PS 38 The Pacific School, 450 Pacific Street
Renovate Bathrooms for Elementary School                       
Renovate four bathrooms, 2 girls and 2 boys, to provide clean and sanitary facilities.

Safer Pedestrian Crossings
Status: This project is in design right now. Construction is expected to begin in FY 21
Safety First around P.S. 380                        
Provide shorter and safer crossings at 4 intersections: Wallabout Street, Lynch Street, Lorimer Street and Union Street.     $300,000

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