The outdoor terrace at One Blue Slip for club members prohibits swimwear.

A resident of One Blue Slip at the new Greenpoint Landing development who compares the experience of living in the waterfront 30-story tower to an “empty hotel” reached out to Greenpointers with complaints about the building’s outdoor terrace dress code policy.

The outdoor seating area for One Blue Slip club members.

The One Blue Slip resident wishes to remain anonymous and feels that the 4th-floor outdoor terrace is a perfect sunbathing spot, but swimsuits are not permitted: 

Getting fed up as a resident of 1 Blue Slip – and want to warn everyone who plans on moving to, or is currently living here. It’s 90 degree summer and we’re getting emails from management that we must wear “proper attire”, “shirts and shoes indoors”, and that “swimwear” is prohibited.

The building is barely full. Feels like an empty hotel and they’re trying to enforce policies like this. Makes no sense.

I didn’t move to Greenpoint to only find out later that I’d have my club membership threatened if I decided to tan on the roof.

Mind you, I have no issue wearing clothes indoors or appropriate attire at that!

Believe this would be a sticking point for others deciding to move here and should be made known.

An email sent to One Blue Slip Residents reminding residents to keep their clothes on during the summer heat .

Opening last August, One Blue Slip is a 359-unit building from Park Tower Group and Brookfield Properties with a greenspace along Newtown Creek. The developers are also building Two Blue Slip, which will have 421 residential units.

“It is pretty draconian,” the anonymous resident wrote to Greenpointers. “Brookfield (developer) plans on opening a new building next door to 1 blue slip sometime next year that is next door that apparently will have a pool… do you think the club rider will have policies enforcing swimwear like this?”

In response, the One Blue Slip residence experience team sent the following statement to Greenpointers:


Given this is a residential building, we do have certain standards for which we must maintain in an effort to please a multitude of different people, like that of a small town. The terrace space is a place that includes grills where residents can enjoy the space for dinner and cocktail events, along spaces for residents to work from home and games for residents to enjoy. It can be offensive to others should people not be dressed appropriately while using, and touring, the building. To maintain a level for which is satisfactory to all, these guidelines are included as part of the lease agreement.

The anonymous One Blue Slip resident responded with more complaints regarding the 51-page lease:

-Lease is 51 pages – requires signature on each page

-Club rider specifically states “No thong or G-String type clothing allowed…”; it also specifically states “No swimwear allowed on terrace”… so let me get this right… no swimwear, and no thongs. I think its reasonable to say someone reading “no swimwear” would not wear swimwear. But they could also make the argument that a “thong or g-string” is not swimwear and are underwear and I guess think it’s acceptable to wear on the terrace. But… who in their right mind would do that if it wasn’t swimwear? Which leads me to my true fear, perhaps they want to restrict what kind of intimates are worn underneath clothing… who will check if I am wearing a thong, g-string, boy shorts, no-underwear at all, underneath my clothes? Sounds funny…but that’s how its worded.

-Other ridiculous tidbits include 60% of floor space in apartment must be covered by rugs or area mats, no extension chords, and last but not least no candles. Squeeze all this in a 51 page lease that is explained as a “standard New York Lease” and you’ve got some really great ways of squeezing tenants out; and or avoiding them from becoming tenants in the first place.


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  1. I looked at apts. in this bldg. It is basically an upscale prison with apts. slightly bigger than jail cells at outrageous rents.

    In some of these apts., you can’t even fit a king or queen size bed in the bedroom they are so small.

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