Greenpoint’s Vinnie’s Pizzeria (courtesy of Vinnie’s)

The good folks at Vinnie’s Pizzeria (253 Nassau Ave.) announced today on Instagram that another Brooklyn-based pizzeria will take over Vinnie’s Nassau Avenue location in Greenpoint starting Monday.

Vinnie’s Bedford Avenue location in Williamsburg will remain open according to the post. The Park Slope-based pizzeria Da Nonna Rosa will take over the Nassau Avenue Vinnie’s and will retain the entire Vinnie’s staff.

Read the full note from Vinnie’s:

GREENPOINT. Big Announcement. After ten years here we are extremely saddened to have to tell you that as of this Monday, we will no longer be Vinnie’s. We are passing the proverbial pizza torch on. Da Nonna Rosa (of Park Slope) will be taking over our lease. Don’t worry! We will still have our WILLIAMSBURG location. We have chosen to try and focus our efforts on just the one shop to be able to serve you better. We’re excited to tell you that the new shop coming in are a good bunch of people and we’re sure you’ll approve. We’ll also still be only a mile away. And the great news is that they’re taking on our whole staff, so you’ll still be able to enjoy the distinguished service and awesome people you’ve come to love over the years. It was important to us that our amazing staff would be taken care of.
When we moved in to Greenpoint 10 years ago we were enthusiastic about being able to open up our second shop, and we’re so grateful the community has matched and inspired this energy. The neighborhood welcomed us with open arms. We’ve found friends and family here. Some of us moved here. It has become our home and it will always feel like home.
A gigantic T.HANKS to all of you who have supported us over the years. To the local businesses and studios, to our supportive neighbors, to everyone that has come in, our incredible employees, all of you that have helped us along the way, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Greenpoint has been nothing but a blessing. A peaceful slice of Brooklyn that seems so different than anywhere else in NY. We will miss the community, the comradery, the characters, everything. Please come by this weekend so that we can say goodbye. And we’ll still be in Williamsburg! Say hi or find us online! LOVE, ALWAYS, Vinnie’s Pizzeria GREENPOINT. BROOKLYN. NEW YORK.

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