Mugs Alehouse (125 Bedford Ave.)

Mugs Alehouse (125 Bedford Ave.) is closing after more than two decades on Bedford Avenue around the corner from the L train, Brooklyn Vegan reports.

The bar originally opened in 1992 and will close on June 22nd, marking another example of the quickly disappearing old-school pubs in North Williamsburg.

Other recent bar closings include Rosemary’s (188 Bedford Ave.) and The Abbey (536 Driggs Ave.) in Williamsburg and Enid’s (560 Manhattan Ave.) in Greenpoint.





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  1. Enough. Can we just say enough already? Stop this madness. And I’ll bet 30 years from now people will say “what a shame all that character left the neighborhood!” or else they won’t care at all. Heartbreaking either way.

  2. It said it opened in 1992. I remember going to this bar in the 1970s and 1980s. Was it under a different name? Does anybody remember? I seem to remember it being Mugs back then but I guess I am wrong.

  3. In the 60s it was Tony’s a great neighborhood place. They had parties in the back room. Tony was a great gentleman. I remember Falgie as a regular. His last name was Falgiano. Many good times with great people.

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