A new batch of Revel scooters spotted on Franklin Street on Wednesday afternoon.

A fresh fleet of 1,000 rentable electric mopeds were released in Brooklyn and Queens on Wednesday by Brooklyn-based electric moped tech company Revel, the NY Daily News reports.

To access a Revel moped, you must download the app and sign up and pay a $19 fee to “verify your identity and safe driving record.” Rides cost $1 to unlock the moped and $0.25 per minute to ride ($0.10 per minute to pause a ride).

You might have spotted a Revell moped in North Brooklyn previously, as NY Daily News notes:

The company launched a pilot last July with 68 bikes, limited to the Brooklyn areas of Bushwick, Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Wednesday’s expansion widens that zone to cover areas up to Astoria, down to Red Hook and over to Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Revel service area map (via Revel)

The current Revel service area excludes Manhattan, but the street-legal two-wheelers are available in Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick, along with South Brooklyn neighborhoods; operation of Revel mopeds on highways and bridges is not permitted.

Revel mopeds on Greenpoint Avenue

Revel is reportedly planning a 40 percent discount to NYCHA residents and SNAP recipients.

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  1. Now seniors crossing streets not only have to look out for cars, trucks, motorcycles, joggers, bikes, delivery motorized bikes, hipsters visually glued to their I phones, dogs not on a short leash but now these.

    Can you spell accidents waiting to happen?

  2. I wish NYers were as hostile towards private companies taking up publicspace as Parisians are. But apparently every inch of public space is for sale and we think its a good thing.

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